Announcing Change to “Lease-Here-Pay-Here”

For over fifteen years, EZ Own Auto has provided buy-here-pay-here automotive sales and financing to its customers. During this time, we have sold and financed over 4500 vehicles for our customers. We have experienced a great deal of success as a result of your loyal patronage and are very thankful.

As times have changed since we opened our doors, it is important for the company to change accordingly. Technology and economic conditions have had a great impact on the automotive industry, which has driven up the cost of vehicles, parts, and subsequently prices. To better serve our clientele and remain a viable option for vehicle sales and “financing”, the management of the company has
decided to convert its business model to “Lease-Here-Pay-Here” effective January 1, 2024.

What is the difference between “Lease-Here-Pay-Here” and “Buy-Here-Pay-Here”? There are several differences between the two programs, but most significantly, the consumer is leasing a vehicle with the new program as opposed to actually owning the vehicle at the time of taking delivery. At the end of a lease,the customer has the option to purchase the vehicle for the residual price or turn it in for a new leased vehicle.

Current customers will continue to own their vehicles and make their payments to our sister company, Discover Saratoga Capital. When the time comes to trade/acquire a new vehicle, it will be a lease with monthly payments made to EZ Own Auto. The payment process is consistent with what the customer is currently doing.

Some benefits to leasing for you, our customer:

  1. Ability to trade out/early terminate the lease after one-half of the term has
    been completed, which provides flexibility if your vehicle needs change.
  2. Lower down payment requirements.
  3. Payment options of monthly or semi-monthly

With this change in our business model, we expect many questions from our customers. It will be our pleasure to address those questions in a timely, professional manner. Please feel free to contact the office via telephone or e-mail.  We look forward to serving your driving needs.

Gerry, Eric, and the staff of EZ Own Auto

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